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Central Administration and Boulder Headquarters
Matrix Leadership Institute
4859 10th Street
Boulder, CO 80304
phone: 303-997-6176

Amina Knowlan
Founder & CEO
phone: 303-997-6176
Chicago Area
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176
Denver/Boulder Area
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176
San Francisco Bay Area
organizer: Toni Lovaglia
phone: 713-443-2888
Seattle Area
organizer: Brett Hill
phone: 425-246-9011
All other Areas
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176

Upcoming Trainings

May 31 - Minneapolis, MN
Essentials for Professionals
Jun 22 - Boulder Area, CO
Matrix Diversity Training

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"This training is having a tremendous impact in my life through the way I relate to myself, through my connections with family, friends & colleagues, and through the way I participate in groups."
— Ling Thio
Sunnyvale, CA

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