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Central Administration and Boulder Headquarters
Matrix Leadership Institute
4859 10th Street
Boulder, CO 80304
phone: 303-997-6176

Amina Knowlan
Founder & CEO
phone: 303-997-6176
Chicago Area
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176
Denver/Boulder Area
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176
San Francisco Bay Area
organizer: Toni Lovaglia
phone: 713-443-2888
Seattle Area
organizer: Brett Hill
phone: 425-246-9011
All other Areas
organizer: Martha Maloney
phone: 303-997-6176

Upcoming Trainings

Apr 7 - Boulder Area, CO
Intro Workshop
May 31 - Minneapolis, MN
Essentials for Professionals
Jun 22 - Boulder Area, CO
Matrix Diversity Training

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"There was an incredible feeling of interconnectedness and we realized that everyone is an absolute necessity if the group is to manifest its full expression. It makes me question whether all groups could feel like this. What are the limitations I see and bring to groups, communities and the world? Just Matrix it baby!"
— Chris Loose
Financial Consultant

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