Matrix Essentials for Professionals, Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators

The 4-day intensive training will include learning the Matrix Essentials™ to form groups as a Matrix Leadership Network.™ When a group has generated the capacity to function as a living system, evolutionary collaborative leadership can meet today’s ever-changing global demand. The training introduces the Matrix Group Dialogue Process™ as an alternative to conflict. The result: harvesting differences as a path to optimizing collective intelligence, collaboration, innovation, growth, and sustainability.

The Matrix Essentials™ can be applied in any group context, regardless of your role as leader, facilitator or member. This training context is appropriate for consultants, trainers, facilitators, managers, teachers and coaches and other professionals who work in a group context. It is highly experiential and relational.

  • Form Highly Collaborative, Innovative, and Sustainable Teams!
  • Optimize Communication, Collective Intelligence, Collaboration & Creativity
  • Lead through Matrix Leadership Networks™ ~ Evolutionary Living Systems
  • Transform Conflict into a Matrix Group Dialogue™
  • Create a Culture of Connection

Who Should Attend

This training is designed for experienced group facilitators, trainers, consultants, managers, teachers and coaches who work in contexts such as organizational development (both internal and external), HR, communications, management, mediation and conflict resolution; and for those who work with personal, community or leadership development. Graduates from the Essentials for Professionals course will have access to an ongoing professional network and learning community who share their applications and foster personal, professional and community development.

Sequential Learning Components:

Matrix Communication and Leadership practices that generate the capacity to function as a living system

Formation of the Matrix Communication Network ™

  • Establish a Matrix of Person-to-Person Communication in the "eyes and ears" of the Whole
  • Build a Ground of Health — a key to sustainability
  • Access Holistic Intelligence: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit
  • Cultivate Presence & Heart —a gateway to emergence and creativity
  • Establish Appreciative and Differentiating Feedback as a norm
  • Recognize, Differentiate from, and Distribute – habitual or limiting roles, perspectives and emotional fields

Differentiation ~ An Alternative to Models of Control & Conflict

  • Develop awareness of the System (Whole)
  • Differ "with" – Engage in the expression of differences, challenges and "rubs" with multiple pairs of people without need for resolution
  • Understand conflict as the process of differentiation trying to occur through one pair of individuals (or teams, groups, departments, companies, communities, states or nations)
  • Facilitate toward the expression of differences through multiple pairs of people
  • Recognize polarizations, fragmentation, ally-seeking, scapegoating and as regressive versions of differentiation
  • Shift from assumptions of external, top-down authority and control to optimizing the collective
  • Learn the Matrix Group Dialogue™ process as an alternative to "conflict" that optimizes collective intelligence & emergence
  • Learn processes for tracking and following the emergent collective intelligence and converging into action


  • Awaken from the Paradigm of Separateness. Recognize and differentiate from "island of me" consciousness – from unconscious assumptions of separateness to interconnected "voices of the Whole speaking."





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The Matrix model creates such a web of expression, range, and intelligence in groups that I have never experienced before. I believe this work is so needed in the world in all areas, family, work, government, neighborhoods, schools, any community setting could use the Matrix model and go to dimensions never before explored, experienced or revealed. I look forward to the growth of this model in the world and the change it can make to human lives.
— Michelle Olson
Life Coach
San Francisco, CA