Matrix Comprehensive Training

This training is structured to include three, 4-day phases and an additional 5-day phase. The first three phases of the training are designed to simulate the three stages of relational, group and personal development that occur in any context. Members of the training community have the opportunity to study and participate in the conscious formation of an open, living system, from its birth to its death. Each of the phases (I, II and III) focuses on specific aspects of the Matrix Model of developing open systems. The 5-day, Phase IV is offered to enrich the integration of skills, personal development and the experience of true collaboration. Each phase has clearly identifiable skill components (see below) and is strongly experientially based.

This comprehensive training offers participants a rich opportunity to learn at ever-deepening levels of personal, relational, and community or organizational life. Individuals experience profound personal and social healing in a context of transformational professional development.

"I promise you, this system is accessible to communities of all kinds, essential to business at many levels and vital to all of us interested in world peace..."
— Obe Brown, LPC

"This is a community-based personal and organizational development training like nothing you've ever experienced."
— Dieter Aaman, Organization Consultant

Phase I: Forming the Matrix

Focus: The Dynamics of Inclusion
Interpersonal Communication & Feedback

We facilitate toward the creation of an inclusive person-to-person matrix of communication that supports the individuals, the relationships and the group to:

  • Develop the possibility of communication between each pair of people in the open
  • Re-source in appreciation, presence and ordinary human connection
  • Access the full intelligence of body-mind-heart and spirit
  • Establish the practice of compassionate and constructive feedback

Phase II:Differentiation & Attention to the Whole

Focus: The Dynamics of Power, Control & Authorization
The Group as a System

We facilitate toward developing mindful awareness of the emerging whole--the group/system--in order to support individuals, relationships and the group itself to:

  • Differentiate from limiting roles, patterns, polarizations and destructive power dynamics and move toward shared, fluid roles, creativity and choice
  • Value and utilize differences and diversity as resources rather than threats
  • Manage conflict and chaos as creative dialogue and collaboration
  • Learn to recognize systems of prejudice and oppression and the resulting privilege and injustice
  • Move from top down external authority dynamics to self- and mutual authorization

Phase III: Openness, Interconnectedness, & Completion

Focus: Dynamics of Openness, Mutuality & Completion
Individual / Intrapersonal Development

We cultivate a field of compassionate, healing interconnectedness with others that supports individuals, relationships and subgroups to

  • Differentiate from family of origin dynamics (e.g., roles, projection, lineage, identity)
  • Explore the deeper regions of the self that must evolve in order to function with increased effectiveness, satisfaction, ease and joy in relationships and in groups
  • Develop the healthy expression of joy, affection and love within clear boundaries
  • Cultivate the practice of listening to the deep stories from diverse identities and cultures
  • Participate consciously in endings, transitions and "deaths" as transformative experience

Phase IV: Skills Integration

Focus: Collaboration and Community
Working in Service of the Emerging Whole

We work in teams and small groups to integrate personal development with professional roles and skills. Participants work together to develop applications of the matrix model in their life/work by:

  • Developing and presenting Matrix applications for the training community as well as personal life contexts
  • Co-facilitating small group sessions to integrate Matrix formation skills

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Within a few months, I could see how my participation in the Matrix had already begun to inform my skills for relating and negotiating conflict as applications began to show up in my personal life as well as with my clients. I love being able to witness others respond skillfully and with heart in the group circle. I learn about myself and relationship and myself-in-relationship every meeting. This group is of great value to me. I don't know of another venue where I could engage and work on these skills with such loving and supportive guidance.
— Noëlle Morris
Embodiment Facilitator"
Menlo Park, CA