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Calling all Matrix Women Leaders! In these times it is ever more urgent that we, as women, take our rightful place in midwifing the new paradigm of interconnected leadership. We need each other to raise-up our voices to create culture change that embodies the values of connection, wholeness, truth and love. From a highly relational ground we can create teams, organizations, schools and communities that transform dynamics and structures of power-over to truly collaborative, inclusive, sustainable and equitable leadership networks. Together we find courage, resilience and fruition.

This 4-day intensive training will integrate Matrix Leadership with practices that support embodiment, voice, creativity, awareness of sexism and internalized sexism, and a connection to the Sacred.

"I take care of my own. You are my own, and I am yours-- I think this is what God is saying, or trying to, over the din. We are each other's. There are many forms of thirst, many kinds of water."

~ Hushpuppy at the end of Beasts of the Southern Wild
— Quoted by Annie Lamont

*Note: it is our intention that this seed an ongoing learning and support network. This could involve quarterly or semi-annual gatherings and training sessions and monthly virtual or in-person practice.

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October 7 - Boulder, CO
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October 19 - Boulder, CO
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November 9 - Boulder, CO
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To me, MLI is a wonderful learning process for business and community leadership development. It opens a person up, increases one's personal choices, creates flexibility for responding. One develops emotional intelligence and becomes more resourceful in all types of settings. It is the stuff MBA programs never touch.
— Dieter A.
Evanston, IL