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The Human Side of Sustainability™

Matrix Leadership Institute offers training and consulting services designed to transform critical working relationships in your office, department, or organization into highly creative and successful networks.

We specialize in strengthening partnerships, teams and entire organizations, both co-located and geographically dispersed, so that they function in a highly adaptive and flexible manner.

  • Person-to-Person
  • Inter/intra-departmental
  • Business-to-client
  • Important Stakeholders


Our proven methodology delivers short-term gains in group effectiveness and productivity and long term return on your investment through sustainable, systemic transformation.

Matrix teams are capable of leveraging diversity and conflict into aligned vision, shared leadership, and enhanced collaboration.


Our services, which are always custom designed to fit the specific needs of your group, can be focused around any or all of the following client contexts:

  • newly forming teams and businesses
  • existing teams and departments
  • management and executive teams
  • building teams across and within mergers and acquisitions
  • any situation where challenging group or leadership dynamics exists


Our Two Phase Consulting and Training Process often includes:

  • Needs Assessment and Process Consultation
    • Identifying Presenting Issues
      Establishing context, rationale and goals with the client>
    • Data Gathering and Research
      Assessing individual, relational, team and system dynamics, both historically and present
    • On Site Consultation
  • Expert professional observation of group and leadership dynamics

In implementing the Matrix Model of developing open, sustainable systems, we intervene in three levels of organizational and community life:

  • Relational/Interpersonal
    We optimize team performance by forming a Matrix of person-to-person connections grounded in effective communication, appreciation, highly effective feedback and mutual responsibility.
  • Group or System
    By attending to the developmental needs of the group or system, we help individuals and teams free themselves from habitual roles. Differences become resources. Conflict becomes creative synergy. Leadership is shared. We introduce awareness of the need for multicultural competence and emotional intelligence.
  • Individual/Personal
    We create opportunities for personal mastery and transformation. We design programs that increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, performance, creativity and confidence. We link individual and executive coaching with the goals of the team and the organization.


  • Increase resilience in times of change & chaos.
  • Leverage open communication grounded in appreciation and core strengths.
  • Increase feedback and intelligent self-awareness
  • Accelerate creative thinking and implementation.
  • Realize fluid, flexible roles and shared leadership.
  • Utilize differences and diversity as essential, creative resources.
  • Deepen mutuality and investment in collaboration. Align vision, purpose, commitment & action

Sample Consulting and Training Applications

  • Needs Assessment
  • Process Consultation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building and Team Development
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Cross-functional Relations
  • Training and Coaching in Facilitation
  • Establishing a High Feedback Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
  • Training and Coaching in Leadership Development
  • Creative Conflict Management
  • Expert Process Facilitation in Times of Change or Crisis
  • Organizational Design and Structural Interventions
  • Diversity Training in Multicultural Competence.

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