Creating a Culture of Allies

A 2-Phase (8 Day) Intensive Training, Integrating Matrix Leadership & Diversity Training.

Phase I: Sep 19-22 | Boulder, CO

Phase II: Dec 5-8 | Boulder, CO

Creating a Culture of Allies

In today’s world, how can we be a part of the solution?

How do we bridge the gaps that exist between those of different races, ages, faiths, genders, sexual identity, political orientation and financial ability?

How do we move beyond polarization to mutual understanding, respect, collaboration & hope?

Are there Solutions?

MLI/Diversity Training

The Matrix Leadership Diversity Training, Creating a Culture of Allies, seeks to provide practical solutions to the above questions. During the training, will will create a context for diverse individuals to come together in order to:

  • Get to know each other as fellow human beings
  • Increase awareness of the impact of systems of oppression and privilege as they inform our relationships, communities, schools and workplaces through skilled dialogue practices
  • Learn and practice leadership skills that foster connections as allies across identity groups and create an environment in which each person feels included and valued
  • Create a culture that cherishes differences and diversity as essential to creativity, growth and optimal collective intelligence
  • Generate a ground of understanding, compassion, collaboration and hope for creating an equitable and sustainable world for our children, our communities and our planet
  • IN PHASE II: Additional Focus on Racism, Sexism, Internalized Oppression & Healing Trauma
    • Deepen awareness of white privilege, male privilege and other systemic privilege, including the function of white silence and white fragility; male dominance and toxic masculinity
    • Extend work with internalized oppression, strengthening personal and collective empowerment
    • Explore relationship between systemic oppression and traumatic activation with an opportunity to heal through sharing and distributing our deeper stories in connection

Training Format & Content

Small group sessions founded in the principles and practices of Matrix Leadership, including:
Person-to-person communication - inclusive, direct and transparent
Establishing a ground of health: trust and resilience
Tracking & being responsive to The Whole group or team
Cultivating a high feedback environment
Engaging with differences as a source of creativity & innovation
Distributing roles, perspectives and emotional fields
Differentiating from habitual or limiting group roles
Skill-building experiential exercises and large group sessions focusing on
Prejudice reduction
Multicultural awareness
Creating a culture of allies
Lifting the ceilings of internalized oppression
Expressive arts including movement, dance, drumming, singing and more to celebrate diversity & possibility
Mindfulness practices and transpersonal rituals to recognize our connection to Source (Spirit, Nature or a Unified Field by any other name) that honor our diverse cultures and traditions
Internalized oppression
Micro-aggressions and Unconscious Bias
White Fragility, White Silence, Male Privilege and Male Dominance

Meet the Trainers

Training & Registration Details

  • Phase I: Thursday, Sept 19 — through — Sunday, Sept 22
    Phase II: Thursday, Dec 5 — through — Sunday, Dec 8
  • Thu, Fri and Sat, 10-6; Sun 10-5
  • Boulder, CO
  • Early Registration by Aug 1st: $1300
  • Regular Registration by Sept 1st: $1400
  • Late Registration after Sept 1st: $1500
  • Trainers & Facilitators: Gerald Boyd, M.Div. from ESCTI of VA with Amina Knowlan, founder & director, Matrix Leadership Institute


Meet the Course Leaders

We've gathered some awesome people to lead this training.
Learn more about them below.

photo of Gerald Boyd

Gerald Boyd

Gerald is the Founder/Director of Eastern Shore Training and Consulting (ESTAC Inc.) and the Co-Director of Peacewerks Center for Well-Being, both in Exmore, VA.

He completed the Matrix Leadership Facilitator Training and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Mediator.

With more than 40 experience years in the fields of applied sociology, human development and addiction recovery, Gerald holds a Master of Divinity in Transpersonal Psychology. He has worked in civil and human rights, anti-oppression, anti-racism, grassroots organizing, and liberation struggles.

Gerald is an independent consultant specializing in diversity and conflict resolution, and personal and social transformation. He is currently enrolled in a PsyD program at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

photo of Amina Knowlan

Amina Knowlan
Founder & Director
Matrix Leadership Institute

Amina cofounded Matrix Leadership in 1990). She considers herself a social artist and has been facilitating groups and trainings for almost 40 years.

She currently works as a consultant, facilitator and coach and to healthcare organizations, businesses, non-profits, schools and communities. She also offers leadership and life coaching to teams, partners and individuals. For the past 8 years she been partnering with Coach Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, teaching public workshops and working with Russian and European companies. She also works internationally in Australia and the UK. She is the author of a forthcoming book on Matrix Leadership.

Since 2000, Amina has been committed to learning about systems of oppression and privilege and to utilizing Matrix Leadership to create a culture of allies.

Previously, she was a trainer for the Hakomi Institute of Body-Centered Psychotherapy for 15 years and an owner/practitioner in Wellspring, Partners in Health (a holistic medical clinic) for 15 years. In her work with communities, she incorporates somatic, energetic and intuitive approaches as well as dance, movement, voice, art and practices of mindfulness.

She also leads retreats for women called Fully Embodied Woman: Remembering the Sacred Feminine. Amina has two adult children and lives in the beautiful mountain foothills of Boulder, Colorado

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