Ling Thio, MS

Ling Thio is an organizational development consultant and systems leadership coach with 12 years experience as a coach, facilitator and educator, focusing on diversity, inclusion, and interpersonal skills. He is passionate about reducing unnecessary suffering through personal growth, interpersonal skills, and cultural transformation. He is known for his strategic thinking, empathic listening, wisdom, and his candid and caring style of communication.

Ling is a Trainer, Consultant and Facilitator at Matrix Leadership Institute. He facilitates interpersonal dynamics classes at Stanford Graduate School of Business and systems leadership classes at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Ling is trained in Hakomi (experiential form of psychotherapy), Somatic Experiencing (experiential form of trauma healing) and Stanford (interpersonal dynamics) and UC Berkeley (systems leadership) and holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Previously, he played key leadership roles in three successful Silicon Valley software start-ups as Lead Engineer, Software Architect and Co-founder. Ling was born in Indonesia, grew up in The Netherlands, lives with his wife in Oakland, California, and has an unofficially adopted son from Côte d’Ivoire.

Ling Thio
Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, Organizer

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April 2 - London, UK
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April 16 - Berkeley, CA
Matrix Essentials for Professionals
April 30 - Boulder, CO
Matrix Essentials for Professionals

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The Matrix model creates such a web of expression, range, and intelligence in groups that I have never experienced before. I believe this work is so needed in the world in all areas, family, work, government, neighborhoods, schools, any community setting could use the Matrix model and go to dimensions never before explored, experienced or revealed. I look forward to the growth of this model in the world and the change it can make to human lives.
— Michelle Olson
Life Coach
San Francisco, CA