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All our events are experiential, participatory and interactive. They're full of learning, heart and fun, so Take the next step and register. (Check below the training list for a overview of Matrix Leadership's general training philosophy and details about our different event types.)

Matrix Leadership:
Re-Weaving the Web of Human Connection

Through the Matrix Model we offer a simple, transformative approach to creating sustainable, life-enhancing relationships, groups, communities, and organizations. We begin by developing open, compassionate communication between each pair of people as the foundation for a group's evolution. In Matrix groups, diverse individuals truly meet, understand, support and collaborate with each other. We develop the capacity to realize our interdependence and harvest our emerging collective intelligence.

Matrix Leadership Institute is dedicated to providing teams of gender-balanced, diverse faculty who are passionate about their work as Matrix facilitators. We are committed to direct, experiential learning and we offer a full range of training formats that foster deep personal and skill-based professional learning for groups and individuals.

Matrix trainings utilize a variety of whole-brain, whole-person modalities to access multiple learning styles. These modalities may include small group sessions, structured experiential group exercises, mini-lectures, movement, dance, yoga, meditation, voice and sound, drumming, music, poetry and visual arts.

The Matrix Experience

An Introduction to the Matrix Model
This 3-day workshop serves as an experiential introduction to the Matrix Model. It is designed to teach the concept, practice and value of developing and maintaining a Matrix (or web) of person-to-person communication.
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Matrix Essentials Training

This 8-day essentials training is structured in two 4-day phases. It is designed to to build on the Matrix Experience and to teach the fundamental Matrix tools and principles in a thorough, highly learnable and applicable format. Each of the basic Matrix building blocks will be taught sequentially to replicate how they can be applied in any group context, regardless of your role as leader, facilitator or member. The two phases will include ample time for integration and practice of the basic skills, as well as in-depth personal and professional development.
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Matrix Comprehensive Training

This 17-day advanced training is structured in three 4-day phases and an additional 5-day phase. The first three phases of the training are designed to simulate the three stages of relational, group and personal development that occur in any context.
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Matrix Facilitator Training

This 12-day facilitator training is structured in three 4-day phases. It is designed to teach graduates of the Matrix Comprehensive Training to facilitate groups in the Matrix Model. This training is intended both as a refresher course to learn to facilitate the emerging Matrix Model, and as an experiential, skill-building practicum in group facilitation.
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Matrix Essentials for Professional Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators

The 4-day intensive training will include learning the Matrix Essentials™ to form groups as interconnected Matrix Communication Networks.™ When a group has generated the capacity to function as a living system, evolutionary collaborative leadership can meet today’s ever-changing global demand. The training introduces the Matrix Group Dialogue Process™ as an alternative to mechanistic assumptions of conflict.
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Matrix Leadership Series

In this 6-session leadership course you will learn and practice the core Matrix communication and leadership skills that produce evolutionary high functioning teams. The most effective, creative and innovative teams thrive when solutions and strategy emerge from the synergistic interaction of all team members and stakeholders.
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Matrix Groups Value:

  • Shared, inclusive leadership and collaboration
  • A ground of health, presence and appreciation
  • The full intelligence of body-mind-heart-spirit
  • Feedback as an investment in relationship
  • Mindfulness and awareness of the group or system as a developing organism
  • Multi-cultural diversity and differences as essential resources
  • Freedom from the limitations of habitual roles and stereotypes
  • An increased range of behavioral and emotional expression
  • Deep mutuality and connection with an emerging collective intelligence
  • Our connection with the earth and a remembrance of the Sacred

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I have an Ivy League degree in psychology, a Harvard MBA, training as a psychotherapist, and extensive training with Young Presidents' Organization Forum groups, yet the 21 days I spent in the training provided me with valuable and sustaining perceptions and skills that none of these had provided.
— Terry P.
Chicago, IL