Matrix Essentials Trainings

This 8-day intermediate training is structured in two 4-day phases. It is designed to build on the Matrix Experience Introductory program and to teach the fundamental Matrix tools and principles in a thorough, highly learnable and applicable format. Each of the basic Matrix building blocks will be taught sequentially to replicate how they can be applied in any group context, regardless of your role as leader, facilitator or member. The two phases will include ample time for integration and practice of the basic skills, as well as in-depth personal and professional development.

Phase I: Formation of the Matrix

Teaches the sequential application of the basic Matrix Essential building blocks:

  • Establish a Matrix of Person-to-Person Communication in the group
    • Form the foundation for a highly inclusive, open system
  • Build a Ground of Health — a key to sustainability
    • Discover connections as ordinary human beings
    • Return to what is simple, enjoyable, satisfying or appreciative
  • Access the Intelligence of our Bodies, Minds, Hearts and Spirits
  • Establish Feedback as a Norm
    • Redefine feedback as an investment in the relationships
    • Distinguish between impact and intention
  • Distribute and Diversify Roles
    • Gain freedom from limiting or habitual roles
    • Increase range of personal & leadership behaviors
    • Distribute power, leadership and group fields
    • Optimize creativity, sustainability and collective intelligence

Phase II: Differentiation & The System

Teaches the process of differentiation as the key to maintaining an open, emergent system.

  • Differentiation
    • Support the expression of differences, challenges or 'rubs' between multiple pairs of people without a need for resolution
    • Avoid polarizations, fragmentation, scapegoating and other regressive versions of differentiation
    • Shift from assumptions of external authority and control to self-authorization and mutual-authorization. Listen for the emergent voice of the Whole / Source.
    • Differentiate from the paradigm of separateness and from those beliefs and behaviors that do not serve us, our relationships or the whole
  • Track the System or Group Level
    • Assess the patterns and needs of the group as an organism (the group level)
    • Learn to recognize the influence of group fields and differentiate from their unconscious expression in the system
  • Matrix Model of Working with Conflict
    • Understand conflict as the process of differentiation occurring through one pair of people
    • Facilitate toward expression of differences through more pairs of people
  • Awaken from the trance of Separateness
    • Own projections and heal splits within the self
    • Become conscious of how we select, provoke and distort our experiences to reaffirm core, limiting beliefs
    • Remember ourselves in connection with each other and the Divine

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What we really trained in was a language of connection (verbal and nonverbal) so that where we were once limited, we are now expansive, where we were once stuck we are now spacious, where we were once paralyzed by fear, we are now ready to lean into discomfort.
— A. Lessing
High School English Teacher
Chicago, IL